New South Wales Blues

New South Wales

The New South Wales Blues, playing out of Sydney

Queensland Maroons

Queensland Maroons

The Queensland Maroons, playing out of Brisbane

Watch State of Origin Live

Watch State of Origin Live

You can watch all 3 matches of the State of Origin series live online. Click here for details

What is the State of Origin Series?

The State of Origin series is 3 matches of Rugby League were the best of New South Wales goes up against the best of Queensland. These are the 2 heartlands of Rugby League in Australia and still produce the majority of the Australian national team.

The matches are played in front of packed houses, with up to 85,000 fans in attendance and they are matches that make it out of the Rugby league bubble in Australia and into the mainstream as the whole country stops and watches the matches live.

In essence, for us European fans, the State of Origin series is a chance to marvel at many of the world’s best players, going head to head and showing us all of the skill, drama and excitement that only Rugby League can produce.

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